Sears Credit Card Application

Person who wants to have a Sears Credit Card, is interested of credit services should fill in the Sears Card Application. It can be filled out in the net, in Citibank. The application will be approval depends on the information you typed there. Citibank approves the application.

Whole Sears Credit Card Application

When your application is approved by Citibank, they will inform Sears Holdings Corporation. Sears will save it and have it in an updated form. Sears will register it and you will be able to use Sears Credit Card Online. You also will need to type you personal Security Number in the application form. The address where you live is necessary, provide Sears Credit Card Application with you residential address and status. It means, the customer who fills the Sears Credit Card Application should provide Bank with the information about home where she/he lives, if it is her/his, parents or lives in rented house. At the end you will need to type your e-mail address.

Bank may ask you to type your yearly gross income. To finish the application with the information of your income you should put the contact number of your employer.

When your application will be approved and register you will need Sears Credit Card Login pages to access your account!

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