Sears Gold MasterCard

Sears Choice Rewards is a reward program devoted for a Sears Gold MasterCard card owner. The program gives you a chance to earn points when you are shopping, staying in the hotels, going to restaurant, traveling somewhere, etc. You can check your balance on the site or call 1-888-846-7928. There is no limit of points you can earn every year, but your points are valid for 3 years. During this time you should choice any gift from the site. Unused Points are not refunds. To see the update catalog of gifts, visit the site.

Sears Choice Rewards offers you merchandise rewards including Accessories, Electronics, Home and Garden, Recreation, Tools, Clothes, Perfume and Jewelry and Travel rewards – Cruises and Air Travel. There are also discounts for some products.

Earning Points is up to the type of membership. If you are a member of the Sears Choice Rewards Select Program you need to pay annual fee and you will earn 2 points for every dollar spent. But if you are not – 1 point equals to 1 dollar. Besides this, there are some limits for nonmembers.

Point System

You can earn points faster if you have an additional card for your Sears MasterCard account. Sears Choice Rewards points don’t have cash value and they are not converted to any other rewards program. Points are earned after Card Account billing statement. You must have as few as 2,500 points to redeem for gift. For example, you need 13,600 Points to redeem a Bissell Cleanview Vacuum and 3,300 Points for an Ultimate Tool Box.

If Gifts are Lost

If you lost, stole or destroyed gifts they are not replaceable even tickets, certificates, gift cards, merchandise or other documents. But If the item is defective you can contact the Citibank Rewards Service Center at 1-888-775-7325 to report and solve the problem.

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