Sears MasterCard

Sears MasterCard is one of the most utilized credit card. You can use it everywhere. You earn points for buying goods, earn 2 Sears Club Point per 1$ spent in Sears stores, and 1 Sears Club Point per 1$ spent, everywhere else.  You can redeem point for free rewards at Sears Travel or for gifts at any of Sears Partners.

Sears Club Members also receive special offers, invitations to events and etc. So you can earn point faster.

Everything about Sears MasterCard

There is no annual fee for Sears MasterCard.

Now compare Sears MasterCard with other cards.

The conspicuous difference between two cards is that you earn points with sears, you get one point for every 1 dollar spent. Points can be redeemed in travel or in products.

  • Discounts: Throughout the year you will get card-member sales.  The savings are often on Craftsman tools, Kenmore appliances and electronics.
  • Returns: If you want to give back something to company, you can do it with their no receipts returns policy. This is only for the Sears Credit Card holders.
  • No Liability: For unauthorized purchase you have no liability, Sears will credit back if you report and it will be verified.
  • Shopping Pass: If you forgot the credit card, no worry, you just need to tell the shopping pass and you will get the point without problems.
  • Usage: You can use your MasterCard everywhere you want, this is the basic difference between Sears MasterCard and other sears cards. Other sears cards are eligible only at Sears,, Kmart and Lands End. MasterCard users can use their account everywhere.

Sears Credit Card Online purchases are available for MaserCard also, you will get points for spending dollars online as well.

Sears card members also get Citi indentify Theft Solutions enrollment, which protects you from theft. If there is a questionable activity on your card, they will call you and alert about it.

For Sears Mastercard Login visit the page.

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